The Sonalika 745 is a high-performance tractor designed to tackle tough farming tasks. It is a four-wheel drive tractor with a powerful 45 HP engine. This makes it ideal for a variety of tasks such as cultivating, plowing, mowing, and hauling. The tractor also has a 6-speed transmission and a comfortable cabin for long hours of operation. The Sonalika 745 is equipped with a number of features that make it an ideal choice for farmers and agriculturalists. It is equipped with a heavy-duty hitch and linkage for attaching farm implements such as plows, harrows, and disc harrows. It also has a power steering system that makes it easier to maneuver and operate. Additionally, the tractor comes with a hydraulic system for raising and lowering implements. The Sonalika 745 is designed to be reliable and durable. It has a heavy-duty chassis and an enclosed cab to protect the operator from dust and dirt. It also has a robust transmission and a power take-off system that allows it to be used in a variety of applications. The tractor has a high ground clearance, making it ideal for working in rough terrain.