Eyebrow twitching, or myokymia, is an uncontrollable muscular spasm that frequently impacts the muscles around the eyebrows. Either one eyebrow may twitch or both may move unintentionally as a result. The twitching might be hardly perceptible or more prominent. The spasms can even impact other facial muscles.
The exact reason of eyebrow twitching is unidentified, but it is believed to be related to stress and fatigue. Caffeine and alcohol usage, vitamin shortages, neurological disorders, eye strain, allergies, and general health problems are additional potential reasons.
Most occurrences of twitching eyebrows are transient and don't need any kind of medical attention. To rule out any underlying medical concerns, go to your doctor if the twitching lasts more than two weeks or is accompanied by other symptoms like headaches or eyesight disturbances.