According to Delta's policy on name changes, confirmed reservations may be modified slightly for a charge. Delta Airlines permits name correction in accordance with Department of Transportation regulations to guarantee that the traveler's name exactly matches that on the passport or other valid picture ID.

Also, a change of ownership from one traveller to another is not permitted under Delta Airlines' name-change policy. The following conditions must be satisfied in order to alter the name on a Delta flight ticket.

The airline must perform the flight, and the first number on each ticket must be 006
The Delta Airlines alter name on ticket request can only be performed on the flight segments in the event of codeshare or interline agreement flights.
For name correction on Delta Airlines tickets, only one reprint is permitted.
The flight date, price class, or origin/destination location cannot be changed. Moreover, neither the gender nor the birthdate may be modified or corrected.
Minor Delta name changes of up to three characters are the only ones allowed.
The Delta name change policy would apply to changes made to the date of birth and/or gender.
Only little modifications to the date of birth would be permitted owing to mistakes made when making a reservation.
Each passenger is allowed one correction in the requests. The Delta alter passenger name policy does not apply to any other modifications to the traveler's personal information.
Tickets must be issued again if a Delta Airlines name correction Policy has already been processed but still needs to be changed.