The powerful, fuel-efficient Swaraj 744 tractor is designed to handle heavy-duty operations. The car is powered by a four-cylinder, water-cooled engine with a 48 HP maximum output. It has a top speed of 25 km/h and a 45-liter fuel tank. It also has a dual-clutch transmission with four forward and backward speeds in addition to these features. Moreover, it has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 2000 kg. Modern conveniences including an adjustable front axle, a forward/reverse shuttle shift lever, power steering, and a live hydraulic power lift system are included with the Swaraj 744. It is perfect for usage in challenging terrain thanks to its 350 mm high ground clearance and 2,230 mm long wheelbase. A fuel gauge, a battery isolator, rearview mirrors, and a headlamp are other features. The Swaraj 744 tractor is strong and effective, and it can be utilized for a variety of tasks, including transporting, harvesting, tilling, and plowing. It is simple to use, maintain, and repair, as well as inexpensive to run and fuel-efficient.