Migrate from G Suite to Office 365

G Suite and Office 365 are two popular SaaS (software-as-a-service) platforms providing email, productivity tools, storage, and other services. Which is better G suite or Office 365? Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. You can find a G Suite vs Office 365 comparison focusing on the storage apps offered by the two in the blog post about Google Drive vs OneDrive. Sometimes companies want to migrate from Microsoft Office 365 to G Suite or they want to migrate from G Suite to Office 365. This blog post explains how to migrate from G Suite to Office 365.

Before we begin, let me address some frequently asked questions about G Suite to Office 365 Migration.

Should I use G Suite or Office 365?

It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you need to use Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which most users are familiar with, consider using Microsoft Office 365. G Suite provides analogs of Word, Excel and PowerPoint that can be used online for collaboration and editing shared files. Note that some users will not be familiar with the G Suite as it differs from Office 365 interface. Google Docs versus Microsoft Office is a hot topic.

Is Google Drive better than Microsoft Office?

There is no universal answer. You can’t compare them. Google Drive is a cloud storage service while Microsoft Office is a suite of productivity applications (including the online apps of Microsoft Office 365). Google Drive can be compared to OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service. You should compare multiple factors such as convenience of the user interface, the price per month (year), provided cloud storage capacity, versioning, built-in recovery options, and so on. Only then can you choose the solution that is most suitable for you.

Is G Suite cheaper than Office 365?

In most cases the price for G Suite is lower than the price for Microsoft Office 365. You should compare pricing on the official websites of Google and Microsoft or send a request to sales for more detailed information about the price. Be aware that pricing can change and make sure that you have information that is up to date.

What is the difference between G Suite and Office 365?

Cloud storage limits are different, such as the maximum file size supported in cloud storage, versioning, file sharing options, the maximum number of items on shared resources, and so on. The design of the web interface is different. Microsoft provides better integration of Office 365 with other Microsoft solutions. Google provides integration with Google services and has a better search engine. Read a complete comparison to understand the G Suite vs Office 365 difference.

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To migrate from G Suite to Office 365 click here - https://www.shoviv.com/blog/migrate-g-suite-to-office-365-step-by-step/