Delta Air Lines Managed Reservation Service is to provide customers with the service of changing flights or canceling tickets. Delta Air Lines allows passengers to view their flight-related information with the help of this managed reservation system. If you have booked a flight through Delta Air Lines, passengers can easily use Delta Airlines manage booking. They can edit any incorrect or unwanted contact information entered by mistake, make changes, and even add additional services to their itinerary. Please call our toll-free number to get the best assistance with Delta Air Lines managing your booking. Our professional travel guide will provide you with tips and help on how to best manage your booking.

Like many other airlines, they offer an excellent 24-hour risk-free cancellation policy. Customers who purchase tickets directly through any online form (such as airline apps or have the right to refund the ticket cancellation fee in full within a maximum of 24 hours. Proceed as follows:

Go to the "My Trip" page by going to the "Find Your Trip" page or logging in.
Select the itinerary that you must cancel.
Select the "Cancel flight" option and follow the instructions on the screen.
Get a full refund, and the refund will be returned to your original payment method.