Will citizens then follow them? I'm curious how you see Mexico Phone Number List these developments. And do you know any other great examples of open internet and social media? Let us know in the comments below. This article previously appeared in a shorter form in the Frankwatching Weekly. Would you also like to receive this Saturday edition in Mexico Phone Number List your mailbox? Register here. The necessity & pitfalls of knowledge management for customer contact Early bird alert! 💥 Will you be at the Meetup Digital Customer Service on June 7th? There are only 150 spots! 221 like bookmark Diede Hartveld 221 April 21, 2022 at 11:00 2 minutes Mexico Phone Number List reading There is an increasing need for smart management of knowledge in an organization.

One of the effects of knowledge management is that employees Mexico Phone Number List see much better what their share is in the service and service provision to the customer. But how do you organize this? And how does knowledge management Mexico Phone Number List that you become distinctive in your customer contact? Better products, better processes, higher Mexico Phone Number List customer satisfaction and a service that customers take for granted. Those are the ambitions of EVBox. Knowledge management must play an important role in this. In the latest Customer Engagement Podcast we spoke with Marten van Heusden, Senior manager customer Mexico Phone Number List support at EVBox and Tinky Bart, director TKC Digital about the necessity, results and pitfalls of knowledge management.

An interesting conversation with valuable insights and Mexico Phone Number List tips! EVBox is a supplier of charging solutions for electric vehicles. The customer base includes leasing companies, car brands and lease drivers. When they wanted to improve their knowledge management, TKC Digital turned out to be the perfect partner. They help organizations to set up well-designed knowledge management so that customers with a question get the right answer in one go. They got to work very quickly and within six months a completely new knowledge management was in place. Marten and Tinky are happy to share Mexico Phone Number List their experiences.