With the Southwest Airlines counter, mobile app, or website, you can purchase flight tickets immediately.

The airline is responsible for providing its customers with alerts of any flights that are known to experience delays, cancellations, or diversions within a week of departure.

The airline notifies its passengers within 30 minutes if a flight is postponed, cancelled, or diverted for 30 minutes. The passengers are informed via voice mail, text, FIDS (Flight Information Display Screens), or email. At the time of booking, they make the selection.

Southwest Airlines will make every effort to deliver the passenger's luggage on schedule. In the event of a delay, they would use all reasonable attempts to restore the luggage to its owners within 24 hours. A tourist can file a report at the airport if his luggage is lost or if he is delayed for unforeseen circumstances. It is subject to a demand for consideration of reasonable expenses.

Customers of Southwest Airlines are not charged if they cancel their tickets and ask for a refund up to 24 hours after booking.

The clearance of pending refunds is determined on the type of flight ticket offer and its rules. Refunds for credit card purchases take a week to process.Cash payments will be refunded after the refund request has been processed in 20 working days.

Southwest Airlines cancellation Policy