How does one rank rookie prospects without them ever having played a down in a meaningful NFL game? The coaching situation and supporting cast must be taken into account, as well as the team outlook, preseason buzz and, quite honestly, a gut feeling. Pre- evaluations are doing a lot of the heavy lifting here but this incoming rookie cla s should have fans excited. Where do the three projected rookie starting quarterbacks come into play? When will and join the party? Those are just a few of the storylines to monitor.The journey to naming the rookies of the year on offense and defense begins on Thursday night between the and . Without further ado , the preseason rookie rankings: Pre-Week 1 Rookie Rankings1 Denver Broncos CB Surtain should be a key player in a much-improved defensive unit. I believed him to be the top cornerback prospect available in the draft and I expect him to play like it. He recorded an interception returned for a touchdown in the preseason.2 Dallas Cowboys LB Parsons has been all over the field for Dallas and is eager to retake the field in a meaningful game after opting out of his final college football season. The Penn State product should put up some big numbers this season.3 Pittsburgh Steelers RB Pittsburgh will need to incorporate Harris into the run game early and often. He takes pre sure off an unstable offensive line and by being accountable in the pa s game. It is not like the have a second running back they are eager to give carries. Harris should put up big numbers.4 New England Patriots QB The reason that Jones is higher on this list is because he has a more stable offensive line situation and should find team succe s sooner than or . I do not nece sarily believe he is the most talented of the first-round quarterbacks but I am open to having my mind changed.5 Cleveland Browns LB Owusu-Koramoah is a similar conversation to Parsons. I believe that he will be all over the field for Cleveland; that much was evident in his preseason exposure. If nothing else, the linebacker should stack the stat sheet.6 Los Angeles Chargers OT The narrative that college football's opt-outs won't be ready to play is taking a hit with my list featuring Parsons and now Slater. The buzz out of Los Angeles is that Slater has looked really good and should be ready to hit the ground running Week 1.7 New York Jets QB Perhaps I am giving Mike LaFleur and Robert Saleh too much credit, but I do not think they will throw their young quarterback to the wolves. I expect them to rely on motion, move the pocket and lean on that zone-schemed rushing attack until Wilson becomes comfortable.8 Jacksonville Jaguars QB Many expected Lawrence to be without blemishes early in his profe sional career and that is unrealistic. He is not walking through the halls of Clemson any longer. Jacksonville is not head and shoulders better than the competition. In fact, the opposite could be true many weeks this fall.9 Denver Broncos RB Williams was my top ranked running back but he is expected to split duties with at least initially. His stats will be lagging behind Harris early in the season but do not be surprised if he comes on strong down the stretch.10 Atlanta Falcons TE When you clicked this list, I can confidently a sume you did not expect to see the No. 4 overall selection barely inside the top 10. I think the outlook on Atlanta's offense has come through red-tinted gla ses and I am choosing to take a more cautious approach. There is no doubt in my mind that he will have a succe sful career, however.11 Los Angeles Chargers CB Some question if Brandon Staley is ready to take on the role of head coach. I can think of few that are more well-equipped to step into that role than Staley. His communication style and forward thinking on defense have me excited about the prospects of , and Samuel. I just wish Staley had gotten there a little sooner in Ingram's career; Ingram has since signed with the Steelers.12 New York Jets OG The presence of Vera-Tucker has more to do with my blind faith in the player dating to draft evaluations. The left side of New York's offensive line should -- literally -- be strong with and the USC product.13 New England Patriots DT Barmore should jump into the New England rotation immediately. He landed in an ideal situation with Bill Belichick and should be better for it.14 Indianapolis Colts DE Indianapolis' coaching has already made a few changes to Paye's technique and that should pay dividends. He is surrounded with talent, such as and , which should free him up to make plays in the backfield.15 Green Bay Packers OG Even Newman's most devout believers could not have gue sed he would be a in position to start for an NFC contender in Week 1 but that is exactly how the situation in Green Bay has developed. He has played fantastic in the preseason and has been rewarded for that play.