The Vikings had a chance to beat the Cardinals in the final seconds Sunday with a 37-yard field goal. Minnesota was trailing 34-33 at the time.After Greg Joseph kicked the ball, Vikings radio play-by-play announcer Paul Allen screamed, "It is . . . good!"The i sue with Allen's call is that the kickwas not good at all. It was very apparent on television that the kick was wide to the right, but Allen didn't notice until analyst Pete Bercich said, "It's no good" a second later. "Are you kidding me?" Allen replied. Awkward silence followed.MORE:AS CALLED ON VIKINGS RADIO: Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) The two announcers remained in shock about the kick and the call. Allen was premature with his call and got it wrong a broadcaster 's worst nightmare.MORE:Fans took to Twitter after a clip of the callcirculated online, questioning what fans must have experienced listening to the radio broadcast live: celebrating for a second, only to learn Allen's call was wrong.A radio play-by-play man's nightmare !!! Can't jump the gun on a potential game-winning kick. Feel bad for fans and play-by-play guy. Steve Sullivan (@sully7777) Dude tried to speak it into existence.Didn't work. Adam Green (@theAdamGreen) This wasn't Joseph's first mi s of the day. He also mi sed an extra point. Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said he had no concerns heading into the final kick of the game, similarto how confident Allen was about the kick."I felt good about that kick," Zimmer said (per )."I know he mi sed the extra point earlier, but it's kind of like that. He's been kicking good, we're indoors, it's a perfect surface. I'm thinking, This should be an easy one here.'"MORE:The Vikings are 0-2 on the season. They'llplay the Seahawks in Week 3.