The start of the 2022 NFL regular season is just a week away, which means you have just one week to lock in your futures bets. Over at Caesars Sportsbook, they have intriguing props on a number of futures, such as which player will win MVP, who will lead the NFL in pa sing touchdowns and who will win Defensive Rookie of the Year. Then, there are the Over/Under win totals.Each year, I attempt to gather the best and brightest at CBS Sports, so that we can argue which are going to impre s during the upcoming season, and which ones will disappoint. This year, I asked each of our CBS stars to give me two best Over/Under bets. Before we get started, here's the rundown on the panel: Senior writer Pete Prisco and Pick Six Podcast host Will Brinson, plus CBS Sports editors Kevin Steimle, Brett Anderson and Kyle Stackpole, writers John Breech, Ryan Wilson, Chris Trapa so, Jordan Dajani, Shanna McCarriston, Jared Dubin, Josh Edwards, Tyler Sullivan, Bryan DeArdo, Cody Benjamin and Jeff Kerr.We will list every win total for context, but not all teams will have a "best bet." Let's go ahead and jump in.Over 9 (+118) | Under 9 (-140)Over 5 (+122) | Under 5 (-145)Benjamin: Under 5. If you could throw to every play without the defense adjusting, they might be fine. But even in their division, wins will be hard to come by. This team feels primed for a bigger overhaul come 2023. Over 9.5 (-165) | Under 9.5 (+140)Over 11.5 (-140) | Under 11.5 (+118)Over 6.5 (+100) | Under 6.5 (-120)McCarriston: Over 6.5. The Panthers need to stay healthy, but if they do I believe they can win more than six games. They have a new quarterback in who will be determined to prove himself and as of right now, star running back is ready to go for the season. They are certainly a team with a lot of questions, but the strength of their division and their schedule makes me think they are capable of putting up more than six wins.Over 6 (-105) | Under 6 (-115)Anderson: Under 6. The Bears have a bad offensive line, ' rookie year was awful, they lost from a lousy WR group and they've got a first-time head coach whose expertise is on the defense. I think what I'm trying to say is they're not going to score very many points. Maybe Chicago won't be bad on 'D', but they traded away and wants to be traded too. Meanwhile, the and should be much improved and the will be good. I don't see six wins here.Stackpole: Under 6. The Bears won six games last season. Since then, the Vikings and Lions have gotten better while the Packers, even absent , still own Chicago. Add in that the Bears have a new coaching staff and perhaps the 's worst receiving corps, and it's just going to be too hard for the offense to keep up with opponents to go over this number. Brinson: Under 6. This was obviously much more attractive when it was 6.5, but I don't think it matters much. The Bears are a really bad football team with a really bad roster and a second-year quarterback who has virtually no help in terms of skill position guys. The defense gave up several of the best players on the defensive line and shouldn't be able to stop the run. A new coaching staff and front office is clearly trying to setup for a full-blown rebuild and while the Bears have an easy schedule I just don't see a real clear path for them to win more than six games.Over 9.5 (-135) | Under 9.5 (+115)Over 8.5 (+130) | Under 8.5 (-155)McCarriston: Under 8.5. The Cleveland Browns will start off the season with at starting quarterback, with Deshaun Watson suspended 11 games for violating the league's personal conduct policy. The Browns do not have the most difficult strength of schedule based on last year's opponents' wins, but being tied for 17th in the category does mean they will face some tough opponents. With the Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens in their division, racking up wins will be difficult with the team they have.Over 10.5 (+130) | Under 10.5 (-155)Edwards: Under 10.5. Dallas would have to go 11-6 or better for me to lose money and the odds of that happening are slim. The Cowboys did not improve last year's team and it is not unreasonable to question whether or not there may be some defensive regre sion in their future. Over 10 (+105) | Under 10 (-125)DeArdo: Under 10. Ten wins is a high number for a team with a new coach that hasn't made the playoffs since 2015. On paper, the Broncos have the talent to end their playoff drought, but will they be able to win enough games in arguably the NFL's toughest division? And will return to form after a so-so final season in Seattle? Wilson will more than likely return to play at a Pro Bowl level, but I'm still taking the Broncos to finish with single digit wins.Over 6.5 (-155) | Under 6.5 (+130)Over 11 (+100) | Under 11 (-120)Over 4.5 (+100) | Under 4.5 (-120)Anderson: Over 4.5. The Texans won four games last year amid the me s, turning to then-rookie after he started just 11 games in his college career. Mills showed potential and now has 11 NFL starts under his belt, while is a good WR, and both and have been preseason gems. This is not to say the Texans will be good, but they need only win one more game than last year to go Over, and their schedule has the Bears, and Washington, a home game vs. a rusty Watson, plus two games each against the Jags and the rest of a division where games are usually close. We're getting +100 that they'll win five in a 17-game schedule? Grab it.Trapa so: Over 4.5. Houston's roster isn't great, but to me it's clearly on the rise. Davis Mills was the best rookie quarterback last season -- yes, his finish pushed him ahead of -- and the front office added some fun pieces to the secondary. This team went 4-13 a year ago, which included a 1-4 record in one-score games. They'll at least be a game better in 2022. Over 10 (-115) | Under 10 (-105)Over 6.5 (+100) | Under 6.5 (-120)Sullivan: Over 6.5. The dumpster fire that was the Urban Meyer experience is over and now Doug Pederson is running the show in Jacksonville. I expect that simple change in leadership to help this team exponentially and will get back on track to being one of the best and brightest young quarterbacks in the game. I believe they'll sweep the Texans, upset Washington out of the gate in Week 1, and handle both New York teams that are on the schedule. That already gets us to five wins and we haven't even mentioned they'll play the Lions in Week 13. If they can surprise one team or even split the season series with their other AFC South opponents, they should get over this number.Over 10.5 (-125) | Under 10.5 (+105)Dubin: Over 10.5.This feels like stealing. In ' four seasons as the starter, the Chiefs have never won fewer than 12 games. How does 10.5 make sense as this line?Kerr: Over 10.5. Do