Chances are, after you read that, will go through your head:And chances are, after you're done mentally rocking out to that ba s line from the hit Queen and David Bowie song, you'll think of which sampled said ba s line en route to becoming . It was that transcended setting (and Vanilla Ice's very early '90s delivery), playable within the walls of the club or beneath the soft top of that slick Chrysler LeBaron convertible you absolutely had to have in red.(My older sister was disappointed when my dad wouldn't let her buy your LeBaron 14 years later.)The Ice connection is appropriate, though, because a quarterback needs to be calm, cool and collected -- some might even say that a QB who completes a long pa s under dure s has, yes, ice in his veins.And, in the way that Ice to Queen and Bowie ( ), quarterbacks who thrive under pre sure aren't always given the credit they're due. Well, we're here to fix that.To organize our list of the top 10 QBs under pre sure in 2019, we're going to rely on two specific numbers tracked by Next Gen Stats. The first is pa ser rating under pre sure, a slightly modified version of a traditional metric that most football fans should understand (158.3 is perfect, while anything 100 or better is pretty darn good, etc.). The second is completion percentage above expectation while under pre sure, which might be the best indicator of all. How effective are you in the most trying moments on the football field? That statistic attempts to answer that question.The criteria for this is simple: Quarterbacks must have thrown a minimum of 250 pa s attempts. That's going to loop in some quarterbacks who only played half of a season, like Matthew Stafford and Ryan Tannehill, for example. Yes, this means you'll see some names here that didn't qualify for my earlier ranking of -- but that ranking required a larger sample size to provide an accurate picture.Enough of the introduction. Let's sort this out.