NFL broadcasting has become a fascinating cottage industry, and there are few things more emblematic of that than Cleatus, the "NFL on Fox's" giant football-loving robot.Cleatus has become a mascot not just for Fox, but for the NFL as a whole. It's one of those things we as a society take for granted. Ever-present, doing generic football warmup things during the Fox broadcast.MORE:The giant robot is cheesy, over the top, and e sentially what happens if you put shoulder pads and a helmet on a Transformer. In short, the thing is absolutely perfect for the NFL, a league known to be cheesy and over the top. Cleatus has appeared in other forms of media. It has shown up on "The Simpsons," only to be yelled at by Homer that "no one likes you " after doing a dance to the "NFL on Fox" theme song. There are also Cleatus action figures representing various teams. Cleatus is everywhere, not just representing the NFL on Sundays. The name of the Fox Sports robot is, if it isn't clear, Cleatus.The robot got its name in 2007 via fan poll , two years after its introduction. It was part of a progre sion for the dancing robot: appearing sporadically in 2005, becoming a Fox regular in 2006, and then, in 2007, finally getting a name and adding attachment.MORE: Cleatus, perhaps unsurprisingly, was designed by a kid. reported on the Cleatus origin story in 2019. Gary Hartley, Fox Sports' executive vice president of graphics, got the idea from his kid."I remember one day, my son, who was 7 or 8, had drawn me a picture of a hybrid robotic football-player-slash-cowboy," Hartley said, per Wilson. "He was really sold: 'You should do this! It would be so cool!' It was in my desk, and I pulled it out one day, and it hit me. We should do this. But not create another robotic football player. Lets create a character synonymous with the Fox Sports logo, that gives us the authority to interact with the viewer .MORE: One thing that might surprise people is how much talent it took to bring Cleatus to life. Blur Studios helmed by a then up-and-coming Tim Miller, who went on to direct the "Deadpool" movies was tasked with the motion capture for the robot.Blur has made its name in the video game space, having done multiple trailers for triple-A games (including Arkham Origins, one of the most well-received game trailers in recent memory despite the tepid reception of the game itself). It also did the remade "Halo 2" cutscenes for the re-release as part of the Master Chief Collection. Cleatus wears No. 34 in honor of the late Walter Payton.Payton remains one of the most greatest names in NFL lore, with the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award one of the NFL's most prestigious. Cleatus is just another example.The movements of the robot often capture trends, whether it's Tebowing or whatever else is "in" at the time. Cleatus is still around, crashing every Fox broadcast. Its presence is a constant -- whether people notice it or not.