Week 5 in the NFL was a wild one with many close games and wild finishes, but there also were plenty of teams flexing after the first quarter of the 2021 season. That's caused more of a shakeup https://www.prodtredwings.com/calvin-pickard-men-jersey in the league's hierarchy.There's still the lone undefeated team, but several strong contenders are looming right behind it. Overall, there are 17 pretty good teams above. 500 and a lot of teams to watch for a turnaround even at 2-3. On the flip side, two feline-themed teams are still winle s.Putting that all together and going into Week 6, here's how Sporting News seesall the teams stacking up against each other 1-32:MORE: 1.Arizona Cardinals 5-0 (previous rank: 1)The Cardinals' offense cooled down against the 49ers but they showed how much they can also win with defense and a few bigplays in crucial situations. The result is the best franchise start in 47 years.2. Los Angeles Rams 4-1(3)The Rams made a rebound statement in the division by coming back with a strong half and then shutting down the Seahawks on the https://www.prodtredwings.com/ted-lindsay-women-jersey road. They got back to their grinding ways with running game and defense, which is a good sign to make themmore complete contenders.3. Buffalo Bills 4-1(4)The Bills put up a much better fight against the Chiefs on the road on Sunday night andJosh Allen finally outdueled PatrickMahomes. They will be better positioned in the eventual rematch at some point in the playoffs.MORE:4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-1(2)The Buccaneers got tired of seeing Tom Brady contained for one game and they unleashed a more unstoppable version of the offense against the Dolphins. The defense got a much-deserved break with a favorable script, too.5. Green Bay Packers 4-1 (5)The Packers got their ugly outing out of the way in Week 1 and have been locked in with Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur since through easy and difficult matchups, like the one in Cincinnati. Rodgers will need to remain on point with the defense down its best player, Jaire Alexander.6. DallasCowboys 4-1(8)How about them Cowboys? They're not losing close games or squeaking them https://www.prodtredwings.com/detroit-red-wings-jacket out, either. This is a relentle s offensive team that can beat anyone in many ways and the defense has become the ultimate complementary closer with Dan Quinn and Trevon Diggs. 7. Los Angeles Chargers 4-1(10)How about Justin Herbert? What sophomore slump? He's loving the new offense and so is everyone around him, https://www.prodtredwings.com/michael-rasmussen-jersey led by Austin Ekeler. Brandon Staley is your coach of the year front-runner as the Chargers are developing into a legitimate AFC powerhouse.8. Baltimore Ravens 4-1(7)Lamar Jackson hasn't played at an elite level again yet, but he's getting there with more help on the way. There's more on him with the running support not the same. The defensive backbone is slowly returning, too.9. Cleveland Browns 3-2(6)The Browns' defense had strange ma sive breakdowns against the Chargers, taking away from their best balanced offensive performance of the season with Baker Mayfield and the running backs. The injuries may have caught up to themthere.MORE: 10. Kansas City Chiefs 2-3 (9)Mahomes and the Chiefs are back under .500 with more mistakes given their limited margin offensive affair, and all their lo ses have come to teams (Ravens, Chargers, Bills) that all have the capacity to dethrone them from the two-year reign as AFC champions. The defense wouldn't be a quick fix, even if it gets healthy.11. Cincinnati Bengals 3-2(14)The Bengals were right there with https://www.prodtredwings.com/steve-yzerman-women-jersey the Packers and blew a few more chances to win in the best battle of Week 5. They're not going away from AFC North relevance in the playoff picture, a suming Joe Burrow is OK from his injury scare.12. Tenne see Titans 3-2(17)The Titans are getting into their groove again with hard-running Derrick Henry setting up a comfortable Ryan Tannehill. Mike Vrabel should be pleased that the defense went back to making complementary plays, even when shorthanded. 13. Seattle Seahawks 2-3(11)The Seahawks' lo sto the Rams came with the higher cost of losing Ru sell Wilson for.a while https://www.prodtredwings.com/chris-chelios-men-jersey for the first time ever with a finger injury. Good luck to Geno Smith winning games with that defense. The streak of winning seasons with Wilson is now in serious jeopardy as his impre sive ironman run ends.14. San Francisco 49ers 2-3(12)The 49ers needed that defensive get-well game in Arizona but their offense is dealing with familiar injuries to Jimmy Garoppolo, George Kittle and Raheem Mostert. Trey Lance isn't quite ready to run the show so the question will Kyle Shanahan's get there fast enough with the rookie to contend.15. Chicago Bears 3-2(20)The Bears are getting a lot of heat for the way Matt Nagy continues to handle the quarterback situation, even with a full-time commitment to Justin Fields. But that's taking away from the fact they are still built to win games with the defense and traditional running game.MORE: 16. Las Vegas Raiders 3-2(13)The Raiders were winning improbably https://www.prodtredwings.com/alex-delvecchio-men-jersey so it was predictable certain weakne ses would catch up to them against better competition, especially with defensive playmakers like the Chargers and Bears had. Don' https://www.prodtredwings.com/jonathan-ericsson-kids-jersey t let the early record fool you; they are far behind the Chargers and Chiefs in the division.17. Carolina Panthers 3-2(15)The Panthers' offense has been mi sing Christian McCaffrey badly as Sam Darnold, hot rushing start at all, has started to show his true colors as a struggling pa ser. It won't get any easier next week with the Vikings replacing the Eagles as the visitors.18. Denver Broncos 3-2(16)The Broncos had a great start against previous winle s teams but the Ravens and Steelers have been a wake-up call to realize they are more of a mediocre team with a limited offense and inflated defense. Don't let the early record fool you; they are far behind the Chargers and Chiefs in the division. 19. New Orleans Saints 3-2(18)The Saints were forced to stick with a one-quarterback look with Jameis Winston in Washington and it paid off with some big plays in the pa sing game while also re-establishing Alvin Kamara as a dangerous receiver. They will hang https://www.prodtredwings.com/nick-jensen-jersey around in the wild-card mix because of defense.20. Pittsburgh Steelers 2-3(21)The Steelers found their long-awaited offensive formula with Ben Roethlisberger and Najee Harris harmonizing in a tough spot against the Broncos. They still are a work in progre s trying to become a complete team in an even more difficult division.21. Philadelphia Eagles 2-3(23)Jalen Hurts doesn't always look pretty in delivering downfield pa ses and grinding out chunk runs, but he is effective with stron