If you need to talk to a human at United Airlines, there are a few different but easiest options available:

  • Call United Airlines Customer Service: You can call United Airlines Customer Service at 1-800-864-8331 to speak to a representative. This line is available 24/7.

  • Chat with a United Airlines representative: You can also chat with a representative on the United Airlines website. On the Contact Us page, select the "Chat with Us" option.

  • Visit a United Airlines ticket counter: If you are at an airport, you can visit a United Airlines ticket counter and speak to a representative in person.

  • Contact United Airlines via social media: United Airlines has customer service accounts on Twitter and Facebook where you can ask questions and receive assistance from a representative.

It's important to note that wait times may vary depending on the method you choose, and it may take some time to connect with a representative during peak travel periods. And in case you still need help, visit the link for the reference: https://www.travoflies.com/article/how-do-i-talk-to-someone-at-united-airlines