If you've ever played Flappy Bird, you know that it's a challenging game, particularly when it comes to racking up a high score. But if you haven't, you should know that it's worth the effort. You're going to have to work very hard just to get 10 points, so don't get your hopes up about reaching 100 points. The next question that naturally follows is, "What is the most difficult level of the Flappy Bird game?"

In a video that can be seen on YouTube, a player who has accumulated 900 points will be able to observe how the green pipe moves both upwards and downwards. In addition to this, the pipe will begin to shift in a diagonal direction, making the challenge far more difficult.

Another thing that will come as a complete surprise are the characters that will emerge from the green pipe. One of the creatures from the Mario Bros. game is a Piranha Plant, and it will be attempting to devour the flappy bird. When the player achieves a total of 990 points, then they will unlock this character.

When a player reaches 999 points in Flappy Bird, the game progresses to the next level. The protagonist of the Super Mario Bros. video game series, Mario, should battle Flappy Bird. When going up against Mario, the Flappy Bird has to make every effort to sidestep the fire ball that Mario will launch at it. The story will not have a happy conclusion, though, for Mario will walk on the poor tiny bird and kill it.

Don't be disheartened if you just discovered that it is merely a spoof of great flappy bird games, since the author of such games has lately removed them from the app store.