Have you ever wondered what exactly happens behind the scenes of a website? What exactly happens when you click a button to go to a different page? And what happens to your personal information if you sign up for a free trial?

Back-end developers are the experts who create and maintain the mechanisms that allow websites to process data and perform actions. Back-end developers, instead of front-end developers, are involved in data storage, security, and other server-side functions that are not visible to the user.
If you're interested in the development field, consider taking a professional Full stack web developer course which covers the entire spectrum of full stack technologies. With the assistance of IBM experts, you will learn how to build web applications, understand front-end languages such as HTML and CSS, back-end languages and frameworks such as Express, Node.js, Python, and Django, and much more. These are essential tools regardless of whether you apply for software or web application-based jobs.