Amazon Certification case this is your first AWS exam) and highlight areas where you may have knowledge gaps. Don’t worry if you don’t score particularly well on your first attempt, keep track of how many answers you got right, and try the test again before your exam date, you will certainly score better and realize how much you’ve learnt. “A goal without a plan is just a wish” says an old saying (some attribute it to the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) so getting organized on what to study and when to take the exam is an important initial step. When AWS Exam Dumps embarking in a new project, my project management technique is to create a Trello board and start recording all the things I need to do to reach my project goals. For the AWS exam I created Trello cards for the resources I wanted to study (i.e. videos, books, white papers, practice exams, etc.) as well as for the practicalities (e.g. booking the exam). A Trello board (or indeed any project management tool) can help you navigate the study material, visualise your progress, and make sure you don’t forget important bits when the exam date is approaching. I prepared for the exam using a mix of

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