Security Vulnerabilities and Threat Intelligence Awards | 安全漏洞与威胁情报奖励

1、Reporting stage
The reporter sends an email to to submit threat intelligence
2、Processing stage
Within 7 working days, the contentos team will process the submission and give a conclusion. If necessary, it will communicate with the reporter and confirm, please ask the reporter to assist.
3、Repair phase
a)The contentos team fixes the security issues in the threat intelligence and schedules updates to go live. The repair time is based on the severity of the problem and the difficulty of the fix.
b)The reporter reviews whether the security issue is fixed
c)After the reporter confirms that the security issue has been fixed, the contentos team will issue a reward to the reporter.

报告者发送邮件至 提交威胁情报
7 个工作日内,contentos 团队会对提交进行处理,并给出结论,必要时会与报告者沟通确认,请报告者予以协助
a)contentos 团队修复威胁情报中反馈的安全问题并安排更新上线,修复时间根据问题的严重程度及修复难度而定
c)报告者确认安全问题已修复后,contentos 团队会向报告者发放奖励
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