Wondering what is web3 gaming? Let's see in detail about the work of web3 in the gaming industry and how it attracts users to their gaming industry. Web3 gaming brings the existing gaming model from a centralized to a decentralized network because web3 is designed for it and the users can get the benefit of using cryptos in the in-app game purchases and use cryptos for other services offered by the gaming platform. This keeps the information of the bank accounts and other user's details aside from the access and keeps the users' details away from the admin access where privacy matters in web3.
Web3 gaming uses the same tech stack used for the development of gaming platforms in addition to it blockchain technology is brought into action which is the main player in the web3 space. Every game developer can opt for the required blockchain network that suits the development of web3 games. Big brands have started exploring web3 in gaming and some have acquired web3 gaming startups.