The Binance Smart Chain's fungible token standard is BEP20. Binance Smart Chain has only been available for a year, but it is already well-known. Investors and crypto enthusiasts have come to trust and love BEP20. With the aid of this popularity, you can draw in more financiers. Your ICO will become quick and efficient.

The transaction cost is another matter that may be of interest to your investors. BEP20 has a much lower transaction cost than ERC20. However, you might consider the speed of the transaction quality. Surprisingly, BEP20 outperforms ERC20 in terms of transaction speed. The statistic shows that the majority of ERC20 token users peg their tokens to BEP20 in order to afford the speed and cost of transactions.

So, where will you create BEP20 tokens to launch ICO?

Smart contract implementation is required for BEP20 token creation. The implementation of smart contracts needs to be guided by professionals. You will need to contact a BEP20 token development company to get started. You can make a list of the features you need and ask the professionals there for advice. They'll release more recommendations that could be beneficial to your company.

I've done some research and want to share what I've learned about a reliable BEP20 token development company. A well-known blockchain development company that specializes in BEP20 token development is called Zodeak.

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