Fiji Airways allows modifications in the Fiji flight tickets to the passengers before their flight departure. If you are wondering, can you change flight dates with Fiji Airways during a sudden change of events? Then yes, you can change Fiji flight dates.

Please take the following steps to change flight dates with Fiji:

Go to the website of Fiji Airways,

Click on Manage your Bookings.

Enter your Fiji ticket reference number and last name. Then proceed to enter.

You can change Fiji flight dates as you click on Change details.

Select the new dates for your Fiji flight.

As you press confirm, Fiji will tell you about the available flights on that date.

Flight charges may differ from date to date, so complete the payment with your card if required. Suppose the new flight costs you less than the remaining amount will be credited into your Fiji Travel bank.

Your new Fiji ticket is now confirmed.

You can also talk to the Fiji representative to guide you to change your flight date if you don't want some help.

To talk to the representative of Fiji, follow the steps given below:

Navigate through the website of Fiji Airways.

Click on Contact Us.

Dial 006796720777 and speak to someone at Fiji Airways about your flight date change. But before talking to someone at Fiji Airways, you must follow the Fiji IVR instructions.

Press 1 for language selection.

Press 2 for reservations and bookings.

Press 3 for Baggage complaints.

Press 4 to learn about recent Fiji offers.

Press 5 to talk to Fiji customer service.

Press five and wait for a moment to talk to the Fiji representative. You can take their help to change your Flight date with Fiji.

Fiji customer service will help you with your flight date change and other related queries. Remember that only one modification is allowed per flight ticket after confirming the booking.