Where can I complain about Lufthansa?

Lufthansa provides the best quality services to the passengers. Sometimes it happens that a passenger is not happy with the services provided by the airline. Suppose you traveled with Lufthansa and did not get the expected assistance from the airline at the airport or onboard; you can complain to the customer service of Lufthansa. To connect with the Lufthansa airline to register the complaint, you can try the following means:

By complaint form: Lufthansa provides a complaint form to the passengers for lodging complaints, if any. You can mention your complaint in detail on this form. To get to the complaint form, you have to follow the very easy steps given below:

Go to the official website of Lufthansa
Click on the contact us tab
Select the complaint form
Enter your last name, reference number
Enter your messages of complaint
Click on the send button
Get confirmation from customer service on the registration of the complaint
By call: you can call on the customer service number 1800 102 5838, hear the IVR instructions and talk to a representative directly to lodge your complaint. You may get immediate relief through this means.

By social media: if you want to get an instant response from the customer service of Lufthansa, you can go to the social media pages of the airline and send your complaints through them. Customer service will immediately get back to you after receiving your message. The pages of Lufthansa are as follows:

Linked In.com/Lufthansa/
By email: you can alternatively choose to send an email to Lufthansa to make a complaint. You can explain your dissatisfaction in the mail and send it to Lufthansa. Upon receiving your mail, customer service will get back to you with a response about the mail.

To conclude, if you want more information on where can i complain about Lufthansa, you can avail the ways mentioned above or call the customer service of Luftansa.

Generally, a small claims court can file a lawsuit against an airline in any jurisdiction where it maintains an office or conducts flights.
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