How can a developer benefit from the contentos public chain? | 作为开发者如何从contentos公链中获取利益?

Rewards for supporting the technical and ecosystem development of Contentos

  1. SDK Development: Developers can earn up to 50,000 COS tokens by developing Python-SDK, Flutter-SDK, or PHP-SDK. For other kinds of SDK development reward, please stay tuned.

  2. Block Producer Election: For developers familiar with Contentos public chain, you may build your own node and try to receive enough votes to become a block producer. Each block producer is expected to receive at least 350,000 COS block producing reward every year.

  3. Wallet Development: iOS, Android, or web-app wallet developers can receive 200,000 COS rewards if the wallet becomes officially adopted.

  4. DApp Development: A good DApp(such as or PhotoGrid) can stimulate users to create more high-quality contents. When the content won ecological rewards, the developer can get 10% of the ecological rewards while creators can get 90% of it. For example, if a creator gets 1000 COS awards through your DApp, the developer can take 100 COS from it. In addition, the Contentos Foundation would distribute some of its 500 million COS Dapp-startup pool to key collaborative DAPP partners.

  5. Bug and Vulnerability Bounty: The R&D team will reward developers with 1,000 to 500,000 COS, or equivalent USDT, for reporting bugs or security vulnerability. The exact amount of reward will depend on the severity of the issue reported.

  6. For other development suggestions, reply directly or email You may receive COS rewards if your ideas are adopted.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have questions from any of these programs. We look forward to your participation!

  1. 开发各种sdk,目前计划中的python-sdk, flutter-sdk, php-sdk均能获取5万COS代币的奖励

  2. 对于COS公链比较熟悉的开发者,可以自己搭建节点,获取用户选票后成为出块节点,每个出块节点每年有至少35万COS的出块奖励

  3. ios/android/web端的钱包开发,如果被官方采用,则会得到20万的cos奖励

  4. dApp的开发(功能类似于 或者 photogrid ),能够从创作者身上抽取10%的生态奖励,例如一个创作者通过你开发的dApp拿到了1000个COS的奖励,那么dApp的开发者会从中分走100个COS。另外contentos基金会也从5亿dapp启动奖励池中分配一些给重要的合作dapp伙伴。

  5. BUG回报,研发团队会针对bug的严重程度奖励开发者1,000 至 500,000 COS或者等值的USDT

  6. 如果有更好的开发建议,可以发送邮件至 或者直接回帖,建议被采纳后,依然能获取到COS奖励



It's pretty much appreciated seeing the idea of a public chain I will apply this on my E-commerce business as well