The government has made it clear that all who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 must follow its rules. To ensure that everyone can return to work and manage their income wisely.
Aside from the workplace or organization, airline travel is a major concern for their authorities. Every customer deserves a safe and secure journey. To ensure a 100% Hygienic journey, Delta Airlines Blocked the middle seat on the plane.
This will allow Delta Airlines to keep its goodwill intact and continue to seek customer trust for travel.

A policy of Blocked Middle Seats for Delta Flight
Delta Airlines took additional steps to procure the seats blocking commitment and the virus prevention measures.
• Every traveler must undergo testing before departing as per the Delta Airlines Middle Seat Block Policy.
• To make it easier for customers, Delta offers an interactive map that allows them to search the most current routes.
• In addition to the Blocked middle seat policy, customers are highly urged to access every air-ticketing-related task.
• Delta Airlines now requires that you submit the Covid report when booking. This is not to prevent middle seats from being blocked for safety. This report may be required at check-in.
• Delta Vacation Sales are not available for international hotels or resorts, as per the Delta Airlines Seat Block Policy.
• Covid testing has been conducted at the Delta hub airports in Detroit, Minneapolis, and Washington.
You can reach the experts by calling to get more information about Delta Airlines' safety procedures for travel. You can find the contact number by clicking on the Feedback link on the homepage. You should be aware of the IVR when dialing the number.
This will make it easier to dial the correct number and reach the right person.
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