Use third party flight search engines and compare flight fares. Third party consolidators can offer you the best deals sometimes.
Sign up with alerts to receive notification of the latest promotions and deals on Delta flight tickets.
Use an incognito browser to search for flights, as website cookies keep track of your search history.
Always book flights with long layovers if you can stay longer at the airports. Direct flights are still more expensive than connecting flights.
Book morning flights to get the best rate anywhere. Fewer number of people prefer to travel on early morning flights. So, in this way, you can save money on your plane ticket and also select your preferred seat.
Delta Airlines releases its new flight fares for Tuesday. So try to book your flights early on weekdays, especially after Tuesday afternoon to get the latest deals.
Always book your plane tickets at least four weeks before departure. The demand for the flight will be lower at that time, and you can get almost half of its cost.
Be flexible with your travel dates. Sometimes it happens that the fares for a particular flight increase on specific dates. Try flexible dates to compare flight fares and choose the lowest. Use AMEX credit cards to get up to a $250 discount on Delta flights.