The best way to build an uber-like app is to build it from scratch. Automatic app creators are only good for making a prototype or an MVP to test your idea. Still, even in this case, there's a risk of missing basic features, flexibility, and opportunities to make the necessary changes.
Uber's business model, also known as "immediate screen-to-screen service," has been tried and tested and has advantages you can apply in mobile app development for industries like:

Food and grocery delivery
Rent, and other areas where one needs a service and the other can provide it.
Like any other business, Uber didn't become successful overnight. It has required years of hard work and the minds of several leading strategists to reach the level Uber is on now. A brilliant product, wise market choice, and a fantastic team are the foundation of the best private startup in the world.

If you want to turn your idea into the business of your dreams, we recommend following (not copying) Uber's steps. A unique offer will help you avoid competition and accomplish your breakthrough. Remember, a well-established team is the secret of success, so let professionals create your mobile app and high tech software solution. It's one of the most important investments you can make into the success of your future product.