Since Madden 23 went live, as new players, we may not know how to build a budget in MUT 23 to get the items we want. But this time, players are thanking MUT.GG and EA for partnering up with the best budget cards in Madden 23 to help this year's players.

As a big fan of ball games, I would also buy this budget card. I have a lot of experience buying cards at MUT 22, if you're wondering which cards to buy with Madden 23 Coins, check out my brief. As far as I know, OOP Randy Moss is in the top ten, but the only available quarterback is 84 OVR Daniel Jones, and the top ten cards are somewhat suitable for the player's team, so you need to buy cards according to your own situation.

Meanwhile, the updated Headliners set is also a great place for us players to spend money. Madden 23 will add four new MUT 23 headlines for players to choose from. At this time, we can buy preferential Madden 23 Coins for subsequent games in advance.

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