Once you buy the flight, you always want to know everything about the cancellation policy. Is it fully refundable or not within 24 hours? Does the airline promote refunds on its tickets within a 24-hour window? Can I cancel an Air Canada reservation without paying any additional fees?
Air Canada's 24-hour cancellation works in conjunction with the Department of Transportation requiring all airlines to "hold a fare" at the listed price for 24 hours without payment or allow cancellation of the reservation within 24 hours without payment. penalty. This Air Canada flight cancellation policy applies to all domestic and international bookings, to and from the US and Canada.
During the holiday season or on the weekend, you can usually be given a 24-hour cancellation window at no cost. For example, in case you booked a reservation on Friday, you may have until Monday to decide on the cancellation part. In such cases, it is always preferred to book directly with Air Canada only.