Now hold with Norton Antivirus by call and live chat. So, here you will find ways to help you hold with Norton.

Phone call:

Go on the customer service page of Norton

Then, tap on the phone call option

Pick the number 000 800 100 7601

And dial the call from your phone

Ask for hold of Norton

So, you can hold it for 24 hours with Norton. And after that, you can easily buy a subscription or use it.

Live chat:

So, you can also hold by live chatting with Norton. For this, you have to go on a live chat option, and there is a hold of Norton for 24 hours.

Hence, the above-stated methods will help you in How do I get hold of Norton? So, by this, you can easily solve the issues you are facing while Norton Antivirus is in your system. In addition, if you confront with any problem take customer service help at the Norton.