Crop rotation in india - Tractorgyan

Growing several crops in a predetermined order over a period of time on the same plot of land is a farming practise known as crop rotation. It is a useful method for increasing crop yields, controlling pests and diseases, and enhancing soil health. Crop rotation is based on the idea of alternating crops with various nutrient needs, growth patterns, and pest and disease susceptibilities. Farmers can disrupt pest and disease cycles by rotating their crops since some pests and illnesses may only attack particular plant types. Rotating crops also prevents the depletion of particular nutrients in the soil because various crops have varied nutritional requirements. Leguminous plants, like beans and peas, for instance, fix atmospheric nitrogen, enhancing the soil for succeeding crops. Crop rotation also improves soil structure, organic matter content, and water-holding ability, which results in better overall soil health. By lowering the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides and encouraging ecologically friendly farming practises, this technique can support sustainable agriculture.

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