Here are some top Blockchain in education use cases:

Secure and Verifiable Credentialing: Blockchain enables the creation of tamper-proof digital credentials, such as certificates and degrees, ensuring their authenticity and reducing the risk of fraud.

Transparent Record-Keeping: Blockchain provides a decentralized and transparent system for securely storing and sharing educational records, ensuring data integrity and enabling easy verification by employers and other educational institutions.

Digital Identity Management: Blockchain-based identity solutions enhance data privacy and security, allowing students and educational institutions to have full control over their personal information and enabling secure access to services and resources.

Micro-Credentials and Lifelong Learning: Blockchain enables the creation and recognition of micro-credentials, validating specific skills or achievements, empowering individuals to showcase their expertise and enabling continuous learning throughout their careers.

Transparent Allocation of Funding: Blockchain-based systems ensure transparent and traceable allocation of educational funding, reducing corruption and improving accountability in the distribution of scholarships, grants, and other financial resources.

Secure Online Examinations: Blockchain technology can be utilized to securely conduct and verify online examinations, preventing cheating and ensuring the integrity of the assessment process.