The market for NFT-based games has exploded in recent years, offering unique and immersive gaming experiences. Some popular NFT-based games available today include Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, Gods Unchained, and NBA Top Shot. Axie Infinity, for instance, combines gameplay, collectible NFTs, and blockchain technology, allowing players to breed, battle, and trade virtual creatures known as Axies. CryptoKitties introduced the concept of collectible digital cats, each represented by an NFT. Gods Unchained brings trading card games to the blockchain, where players can collect, trade, and battle with unique cards. NBA Top Shot revolutionizes sports collectibles by turning basketball highlights into NFTs. As the demand for NFT-based games continues to grow, Bitdeal, a leading NFT Gaming Platform Development Company provides NFT game development services and can assist in creating engaging and innovative NFT-based games for your gaming venture.