YES, at Etihad Airways, passengers will surely get good facilities & services. This airline is certified as a 4-star airline for the quality services they provide to its customers on board with an expert staff team.

Now if you want to know why to choose Etihad Airways, then for that you must go through the points that will give you an overview about Is Etihad Airways good, because if you are not aware of the unique facilities that you can avail on board, then you will not be allowed to access the best experiences.

At Etihad, each passenger will get the best travel experience with good quality facilities like fresh meals, entertainment & wide legroom spaces.
Next, customers on board will get facilitated with sheer comfort & luxury with every single trip at Etihad Airways.
Passengers will enjoy the services that they added on their trip within their air ticket like comfort with meals or it can be soft drinks etc.
However, there are many different options for getting help & assistance from the experts because at Etihad airways customer service, you can approach the expert through different mediums that you can avail 24/7 at any time & whenever you want help from their tips.
How do I speak to someone at Etihad?
Get help via phone service: Passengers can use the helpline number available on the website page. You need to get the number & dial the service number & follow the on-call prompts & you will get in touch with an expert for help.
Get access on Live Chat Page: The chat window box is the second most used platform for customer service guidance. Wherein you will get virtual expert on chat window. So, this option you avail from Etihad Airways website.