You can cancel your tickets at any time from anywhere in the world. To cancel tickets you do not have to call Ryanair. Tickets are non -refundable; If you cancel the tickets within 1 month before the departure you will receive a refund. The refund you will receive is equal to the value of the State Tax. For a refund, you will have to pay administration fees ranging from $ 19 to $ 22 depending on your options. You should speak to Ryanair’s cancellation team to resolve your question about the Ryanair cancellation policy

Ryanair 24-hour policy includes full reimbursement of passengers, and if they cancel a scheduled flight, passengers will be barred from canceling flights to the UK and Europe, regardless of the situation.

Have you booked a flight with Ryanair? But for some reason, he can't fly? You can then withdraw your complaint against Ryanair's waiver policy within 24 hours, which can be done online using the steps below.

Go to the official Ryanair website and click on the booking section.

Enter the free name of the booking name in the box provided.

Click "Find", then select the flight you can cancel.

Follow the on-screen instructions to cancel the Ryanair flight