Dear COSers,

We're proud to present our monthly updates of June. Check it out.

[Blockchain] More block producers joining the network, competitive in producing blocks.
[Product] Customized emojis for creators has launched.
[Product] COS.TV celebrated its 1 year anniversary, with 500k+ registered users.
[Creator Ecosystem] Brazilian creators & community celebrate 1 year anniversary with a collaborative video.
[Creator Ecosystem] “COS.TV Community Ambassador” launched among community
[Marketing] To celebrate COS.TV anniversary, millions of VEST delegations for community.
[Marketing] Vietnamese COS investor & KOLs have promoted COS’s partnership with OGN, marking COS entrance to ecommerce.
[BD] Bitrue Trading Competition Launched with COS with 2 million rewards.
[Community] 6 million VEST is staking into "ContentosKorean" by Korean community.
[Community] Staking BP has won support globally, with 100 million + VEST staking in.

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