The mobile game industry owns more than 50% of the game market because every person has a smartphone and to amuse himself he plays games on it. it becomes so easy because you can play while you are doing anything and going anywhere. Smartphones are basically used by everyone. Apart from smartphones, people don’t carry PlayStation, PC, laptop, and Xbox and usually, most people don’t have them. So more people are engaging with mobile games day by day and demanding more gaming applications. That’s why the mobile game industry is booming and it has huge opportunities for multigaming platform app development.

For game lovers, the app store is full of millions of games with unique concepts and features and you can choose the best according to your choice. Nowadays multi programming games are also trending where you can play multiple games on one platform.

What is a Multi-gaming Platform?

A multi-gaming platform is a bunch of games to play on a single platform. Here, you can play or compete with family, friends, and unknown players. The best example of multi-gaming platforms is MPL(Mobile Premier League), Hago, and Winzo which offer numerous games to play on your phones. Here, you have no need to download different gaming apps for different games, you can play all of them on a single app. In this, you can play it against online players and if you win, you can earn a good sum.

Multigaming platforms like MPL, Hago, and Winzo have changed the whole gaming world scenario with a multi-gaming revolutionary idea.

What is the MPL (Mobile Premier League) App?

MPL is the most liked skill-based gaming app platform in India that can be played by anyone who is 18+. It allows users to play more than 50+ real-money-based fantasy sports games. All kinds of games like fantasy sports (fantasy cricket and fantasy football), card games (poker, rummy, teen Patti), and puzzle games ( Ludo, Snake & Ladder, carrom, chess, quiz, etc.)

In multi-gaming apps, there is tough competition and if you want to stay ahead then you should choose an experienced and skilled multi-gaming platform app development solutions that can develop an advanced featured app so it can be used by users.

Games Should be Included in Multigaming App Like MPL (Mobile Premier League)

The number of games in your multi-gaming app will increase then it will also increase the budget but due to the number of games users have no need to wander here to there in search of games. It will surely increase the fun and amusement of users. Always try to have all the games as much as you can.

Here are the examples of popular games that should be included in multi-gaming platform application

Teen Patti
Carrom Board
Fantasy Games (Cricket, Football, Tennis, Kabaddi, etc.)

To survive in the cut-throat competition you should always approach unique concepts,  features, and functionalities so that players can take more interest in your services. Unique services always attract users to use them more.

Features of Multigaming Platform App Like Mobile Premier League

To make a game application more interesting, always use advanced features and functionalities to enrich users with effective services. Here are the key factors to which we should pay special attention.

Design UI/UX

Always pay focus on the design section because it is the first thing that makes an impression on users. In the gaming world, an eye-catchy design always helps users to stay and use. Without a unique and good-looking design game apps cannot survive in the gaming world so Invest time and money in creating UI/UX to engage users. It plays a vital role in every game.

Coin-Cash System

Multi-gaming applications are the best way to earn money for both users and owners. So, the coin-cash system is a must-have function and it should be implemented in an easy way so users can easily buy and withdraw coins. Always make a user-friendly coin system so players and users can understand it easily. A complex coin system can waste all your efforts.

Easy and Secured Payment Integration

Always remember don’t confuse your players by offering them a complex payment system. Here, players play to earn money, and if they face any problem while withdrawing and depositing then it can change the whole scenario of the gaming app. So, always keep it simple and secure. Always try to integrate third-party trending payment gateway so players can access your platform in a better way.

Game Rules

Always keep game rules simple so users can understand them in an easy way. Never bore users with lengthy game rules. To make simple game rules you can discuss with a multigaming platform app development services provider because they are having rich experience in this field.

Voice Chat & Video Chat

At present, most games are having built-in voice chat and video chat options, which may increase the cost but both functions are very important to the user. These features help users to chat and talk while they are playing.

Refer and Play Together

More user base, more revenue, and more fun. It is a simple concept. This feature allows you to invite your friends and family members with the help of a referral code and after joining, you can play with each other. It will also work to increase the number of downloads.

If you add all these features to your multigaming platform app then your app will surely rock and will also be liked by users. All the above features are counted as the best multigaming platform app solutions to make your app successful.

How much does it cost to develop an app like MPL and Hago?

If you are going to develop your own game application like MPL, Hago, and Winzo for a single platform then it will cost you around $55,000 to $60,000 with basic features. If you want a special and advanced featured app like MPL then it will cost you approximately $ 100,000.

It totally depends upon the features and functionalities of any gaming app and also on the development company because the company charges according to their experience and it can vary from company to company.

Basically, the company charges $50 to $300 per hour.

Top 7 MPL Alternative App

Here are the top 7 alternative apps of MPL, if you are going to develop your own app like it then you can take an idea from these below-given applications.

First Games by Paytm
Dangal Games


After reading this article you can easily know all about the multigaming platform app, its features, and similar applications. If you have a unique idea and want to bring your idea into the real world then you can discuss it with multigaming platform app development companies. You can also enrich your ideas by discussing them with experienced game developers. Multigaming platforms have a bright future and you can opt for it as your business idea that will generate a good sum for you. A unique idea and proper strategy are enough to make your application successful.