Traces are left behind after uninstalling a Norton product. To set up your system for fresh Norton installations, the application won't entirely remove using the standard procedures. The main issue with this is that trying to remove newer versions or Norton anti-virus solutions frequently results in disputes.

Norton has designed a simple-to-use tool to manage the entire uninstallation of any Norton 2003 or later products. Norton is well aware of this issue. Additionally, they uninstall Norton 360 and Norton SystemWorks 12.0 from the system.

If the installation was unsuccessful or didn't finish, that is another reason to utilise the Norton Removal Tool. This frequently occurs as a result of incorrect computer processing, an incomplete download, or the presence of an older Norton version on the system. It is also possible to uninstall any installations that have been harmed by viruses or upgrade issues.

The Norton Removal Tool will continue to function regardless of where the Norton product was purchased. Prior to utilizing the tool, Norton does advise backing up the databases for ACT! and WinFAX as it might delete data from these programmes.

Close all Norton products and any other antivirus software before using the Norton Removal Tool to avoid any issues. Close all running applications and files. These might interfere with the tool. If using a laptop, keep it plugged into a power source to avoid power loss while working. This can cause harm to the Norton product that is impossible for the removal tool to fix.

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