Generally, delayed baggage is the situation that occurs with the travelers on both sides while they pursue their travel or while they are at the arrival airport because sometimes, due to chaos at the airport premises, the passenger does get delayed in receiving their baggage from KLM. So, in such matters, if you want to know how do I claim for delayed baggage klm, you have to go through some essential points, which are referred to here below for your help.

In case your baggage is delayed, and you haven't received it yet, and it has been more than three days, then in such matters, you can use the KLM tracer tool to fill out the baggage inventory and claim form.
Further, if baggage is delayed and is lost, then in such cases, passengers are provided the option to claim reimbursements for their expenses.
Note that KLM airline policy states that they have 21 days to locate and return your baggage and if in case still your baggage is not returned by the airline and they are over 21 days time frame, then you will get lost baggage compensation as per your baggage requirements.

How do I speak to someone at KLM?

Hence, if you need to get information on KLM's delayed baggage claim process, the most suitable way to get help would be to contact klm customer service via phone or use the live chat option further; you can put up a complaint about the help desk where you will get assistance from KLM customer care agent which are there to report your problem every second and will provide you with the receipt in reference to your delayed baggage claim.