Monthly Report cover
Dear COSers,

We're proud to present our monthly updates of March. Check it out.

  • [Exchange] COS listed on Bithumb.
  • [MainNet] On-chain active users reached to 35,000, daily trading volume hits 400,000.
  • [MainNet] CIP-0002 Proposal – Support VEST Delegation.
  • [MainNet] Community– Goldmine Vol.1.
  • [Product] COS.TV Notification, Dark Mode released.
  • [Product] COS.TV Brazil COVID-19 Map launched.
  • [Product] COS.TV Android hit 100,000 downloads.
  • [Content] Brazil YouTuber attracted 100,000+ users to COS.TV within one day.
  • [Marketing] Contentos (COS) nominated in Top 10 Promising Projects with Market Cap Under $5m.
  • [Marketing] Pay for Uber with COS! COS.TV partnered with Kamoney.
  • [Community] Vietnam Community BP ranked No.1 among 21 BP

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