You can also visit the airline's official website at to make a reservation. However, booking with us is much easier and more comfortable, and we offer the best offer on the flight route.
There are different types of Air Canada tickets, refundable and non-refundable, and we offer the best ones to fit your budget. You will make the best use of the ticket at the time of booking. In addition to selling tickets at an affordable price, we also offer discounts and other offers, such as a last minute flight deal when you book with Air Canada. To do this, you need to keep our site up to date.
Air Canada One-Way, Round-Trip, Multi-City Booking:
a one way trip
Your one-way trip can be expensive compared to other trips. Once you've made your choice, you can easily book a one-way flight on the changebooking Travels website.

The round trip
The round trip includes your return trip from the destination. This type of trip is much cheaper than a one-way trip and you can easily take advantage of our offers. We always recommend booking a round trip to save money.

A trip to several cities.
This type of trip consists of several flights to several destinations under the same reservation. You can easily book trips to various cities on our website with discounts. You can also contact Air Canada for multi-city travel, but your reservation will change as we have a detailed inventory.

Air Canada booking steps:
Download the changebooking Travel website on your PC or mobile phone. For best performance, you should remove cookies from your browser
At the top of the main page, you can see the reservation box where you need to enter your travel requirements, such as origin city, destination city, number of passengers, class, etc., then press Enter.
On the next page, you need to select the desired Air Canada flight from the list and press Enter.
It will take you to a place where you will need to enter passenger details such as names, date of birth, contact information and more.
Go to the next page and check the net price of the flight applying a promotional discount or other offers
After confirming your net balance, make a payment in various ways, such as card, cash or account.
You will receive a confirmation email after payment. an email with the order confirmation number
Or you can also visit the airline's official website and book a flight.