When you made your last payment to Google Workspace

Google Workspace Support may request information or use phrases that are foreign to you. Here are some examples of common phrases and definitions:

Domain Variations An additional domain that you may add to your principal Google Workspace to provide your users with email addresses that are separate from their primary addresses.

Second Level Domain A domain that is linked to your primary account domain and where you can create user accounts.

Group A group created with its own email for a subset of your domain's users, such as a specific department or service group.

User An individual account you set up for someone in your organisation to use Google services.

Email address for secondary/recovery The email address you used to sign up for Google Workspace for the first time. This is an email address that is not part of the domain associated with your account. Google sends vital account and service notifications to this address on occasion.

Reference number for a bank transfer A payment ID is a unique reference number provided to your specific transfer.

Google WorkSpace Recovery by Expert Team

The Alert Center in Google Workspace provides IT administrators with actionable, real-time notifications and security information regarding significant security-related activities in their domain. It helps administrators cut through the security notification noise by providing a consolidated view of the most relevant alerts, allowing them to focus on what matters and serve and protect their organisation more efficiently. Today, we're elevating Alert Center's notifications by enhancing them with industry-leading VirusTotal threat context and reputation data.