No, you can't straightforwardly add and Can Use a Visa Gift Card on Cash App to move cash from Gift Card to Cash App. Then again, add the VISA Gift card to your PayPal and move the equilibrium to your Cash App record to utilize the gift voucher on Cash application by implication.
Did you get a Visa Gift Card for your birthday as a present? Regardless, If you have a Visa gift voucher and hoping to cash out by means of Cash App, you might battle to sort out how to manage it since Cash App have no clear technique to cash out and add to your record balance.
Note that right now, Cash App doesn't permit you to include a pre-loaded card Cash App to add assets to your record.
Notwithstanding, the greater part of the public authority empowered pre-loaded cards are acknowledged and must be utilized to send cash to somebody utilizing an administration empowered pre-loaded card — and can't store cash from Cash App to your card.
The public authority empowered pre-loaded cards are to be utilized for joblessness, monetary, and other officially sanctioned advantages installments. Along these lines, any of the pre-loaded cards that you purchase on the web or in the shopping center are not upheld and won't work with Cash App.