counterfeit refund policy (EUR, USD, GBP, CAD, AUD, etc.) AND CLONE CARDS.
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We professionally produce banknotes using magnetic ink, metallic threads, or rag paper. We use quality polymer paper, cotton elements of cellulose and precise sizes and thickness of each currency represented mostly with a weight of 80-90 grams per square meter. Cotton is sometimes mixed with linen, abaca, or other textile depending on the bank currency being produced. Our banknotes have infrared detection, watermark features, and hologram features, so they can by-pass UV machines, Pen tests, and even eye detection by counterfeit experts so they can be used in all grocery stores, shopping malls, clubs, petrol stations, casinos or any other similar places as they are made taking to consideration all security features. Our bills are classified as grade AAA+. We are the best and we know what we produce.
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We offer face-to-face business and we have agents in almost every country in the world who are ready to meet with our serious clients to close a deal hand in a cash exchange.

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