Easy guide to the human at Comcast

Whether you have billing-related questions or want to purchase the survive, you can reach out to Comcast live person anytime. In case you doubt, how do I get a human at Comcast?. Here you can check out the guided direction below.

Easy steps to get a live person at Comcast

First, dial the Comcast toll-free number; you can input the telephone number when required. Else you can also push one if the system identifies your phone number and ask if it is correct.

Now you need to push # when you get the option of automated IVR instructions. The system will say sorry; we don't understand. You need to repeat the same by the time system gives you menu options again.

You now need to select the department where you wish to speak to the live person. Then select option one for technical support and then select option two for billing, press option three for sales.

Wait for a while, and soon you will be connected to a live agent.