Contentos is an ongoing project that is empowered by the Contentos Foundation and the community. To facilitate the Contentos blockchain and ecosystem in adapting to the needs of DApps, Block Producers, and Users, we are planning a mechanism that will allow every stakeholder to express their ideas and to reach consensus through discussion and majority vote.


A Contentos Improvement Proposal (CIP), is a design document providing information to the Contentos community, describing how the Contentos blockchain and ecosystem could be improved and the rationale for the proposed modification. A CIP must be filed in this forum (优化提案) along with a “make proposal” transaction made by a block producer. Currently, there is no defined format for a CIP. However, please note that a comprehensive CIP will make it easier for the community to understand why and how the proposal could bring overall benefits to the Contentos ecosystem. For details on the “make proposal” transaction process for block producers, please refer to the “proposal” contract document (

Proposal Validation

Once a CIP is posted, the Contentos Foundation will check if the document and the corresponding “make proposal” transaction are valid. The validation results will be sent to the CIP by an “admin” account. A voting schedule will also be provided within the reply, specifying a particular block height that block producers must vote on beforehand. In the future, we will transfer this authority to the community.

Majority Vote

Block producers and BP candidates that do not rank in the top-21, can cast their votes to a CIP. The voting result will be determined by majority vote by block producers at the exact block height specified in the proposal validation reply. The voting result will be sent to the CIP by the “admin” account. The result will consist of the decisions of each block producer and the corresponding “vote” transactions. For details on the “vote” transaction process for block producers and candidates, please refer to the “proposal” contract document (

Proposal Follow-up

Blockchain developers and/or other stakeholders of the CIP will take necessary actions in response to the voting result. The Contentos Foundation will facilitate the execution of the CIP if necessary.

About this Document

This document was composed by the Contentos Foundation as an initial guide to the decentralized governance of the Contentos blockchain and ecosystem. Should there be any suggestions regarding the proposed process and this document, please file a CIP to propose the suggested improvements.



Contentos優化提案Contentos Improvement Proposal,簡稱CIP,是提供給Contentos社群的設計文件,指出Contentos公鏈及生態可以如何優化並說明合理的原因。一個CIP文件必須被發佈在此論壇(优化提案 ),並且由出塊節點發起「make proposal」交易。目前,CIP文件沒有特定的格式規範,然而,一份詳盡清楚的CIP文件有助於其他人理解這個提案對於Contentos生態的整體益處及如何實行。關於出塊節點如何發起「make proposal」交易,請參閱「proposal」智能合約的相關文件:


CIP文件發佈後,Contentos基金會將確認文件與對應的「make proposal」交易是否有效。驗證結果將由「admin」帳號回覆在CIP文件下方,並且載明適當的投票安排,出塊節點必須在給定的區塊高度到達前,投票作出對於此提案決定。未來,提案驗證的工作將由基金會交由社群運作。