There is no complicated chart with baggage fees that vary depending on your route and ticket here.
Flying to Alaska, your first checked bag will almost always cost $30. Alaska Airlines bag fees increase to $40 for a second checked bag, while after that you can expect to pay $100 per bag.
That's true whether you're flying within the continent, all the way to Alaska, Hawaii, or the Caribbean. It even applies if you're purchasing an Alaska Basic Economy Fare or a Standard Main Cabin Economy ticket.
However, Alaska Airlines may limit the number of bags that can be checked per passenger during busy periods. These restrictions apply to flights to 14 smaller regional airports, including several ski destinations such as Bozeman (BZN), Jackson Hole (JAC), Kalispell (FCA), and Sun Valley (SUN).
Some special checked bags, such as strollers, car seats or mobility aids, are also exempt from baggage fees.
Another great feature of Alaska's checked baggage policy? It has a 20-minute baggage guarantee. The airline promises that if your bags don't make it to baggage claim within 20 minutes of your plane's arrival at the gate, they'll give you a $25 discount code toward a future flight, or 2,500 airline miles. Alaska Mileage Plan.
Simply contact the Alaska baggage claim office within 2 hours of your flight to receive your discount code or bonus miles.