If you have booked a ticket on Delta and wish to cancel it, you should be aware of the provisions of Delta Airlines' cancellation policy. This page will clarify your doubts about Delta Airlines' cancellation policy and the terms under which you may be eligible for a full refund. See the sections below for Delta's cancellation fee, the cancellation process, and how to avoid paying the cancellation fee.
Full refund terms

Can I cancel a delta flight and get my money back?
Delta Airlines' cancellation policy allows you to cancel your ticket and claim a 100% refund if:
• You buy your ticket (any type) directly from Delta and cancel it within 24 hours.
• Delta cancels your flight.
• Delta delays your flight by more than 90 minutes.
• I purchased a refundable fare.
• The passenger/travel companion dies and you can prove it.
• You are a Delta Platinum or Diamond Medallion member and have a reward ticket.
• You receive an order for a surprise military deployment (subject to documentary evidence).
• Any special circumstances that prevent you from taking your flight, but only at Delta's discretion.
• Your Delta ticket (excluding basic economy class) is subject to the non-cancellable fare policy:
o You purchased your ticket after August 31, 2020 for travel within the United States, Puerto Rico or USVI.
o Your journey (including joint venture and codeshare flights) begins from North America to any location and you have purchased your ticket after December 9, 2020.
o Your trip between the Caribbean and the United States / Mexico.
Delta 24 hour cancellation policy
Delta's 24-hour no-risk cancellation policy applies to all tickets purchased directly from Delta Airlines. Under this policy, you can cancel any flight reservation within 24 hours, regardless of fare type.
Exceptions to the cancellation policy within 24 hours
Delta's 24-hour cancellation policy does not apply to:
• Booked tickets at travel agencies
• Paper tickets
• Partially Reissued Tickets
To cancel a SkyMiles reward ticket, you must contact Delta Reservations.
Delta Airlines COVID-19 Cancellation Policy

What is Delta's cancellation policy in response to COVID-19?
Delta Airlines' cancellation policy provides additional relaxation for passengers during the COVID-19 travel waiver period, which ends April 30, 2021.
• If you purchased your ticket on or before April 30, 2021:

o You can cancel your flight before departure.
o You must travel at any time until December 31, 2022.
o After canceling your flight, you will receive an electronic credit for the entire value of your ticket.
o You must use eCredit to rebook your new flight by December 31, 2022.
o If you do not rebook your new flight and travel before December 31, 2022, your eCredit will expire.
• If you purchased a basic economy ticket after April 30, 2021, with a travel date until December 31, 2021:
o You can make changes to your flight without paying the flight change fee.
o You cannot cancel your flight.
o Delta 2021 Basic Economic Change Waiver Policy will apply to your ticket.
Noticeable. If you purchased a basic economy ticket after April 30, 2021, with a travel date in 2022, you cannot cancel, refund or change your ticket outside of the 24-hour cancellation period.
• The change fee and award re-deposit fee have been waived for tickets purchased in 2021 for flights originating from North America and the Caribbean (including base economy fares purchased after April 30, 2021, provided the new travel date is until December 31). , 2021). This means that you can cancel your award ticket and re-book it at a later time without having to pay any change fees.
• The award ticket change and cancellation fee is waived for travel within the United States, as long as you change or cancel prior to departure. If you cancel an award ticket that expired in 2021, you can now use the unused value to purchase a new ticket by December 31, 2022 (only the price difference, if any, will apply).