If you need assistance with a Google service, you may contact a technical representative in a variety of ways. Google offers the greatest customer support to those who use their services and run into problems. At the same time, Google provides assistance to individuals who want to utilize their service and need some information about it.

If you need to know that how do I get a human at google , please refer to the options listed below.

Make a contact by phone

·       Making a phone call to Google's registered customer service phone number will connect you with a person.
·       Then you must dial the number, which will connect you to an automated assistance system.
·       After then, you must dial a series of numbers to obtain various service-related assistance.
·       Next, pressing 4 on your keypad will connect you directly to a human operator at Google support.
·       This is how Google will assign you a human to assist you over the phone, and you may speak with them about any questions you have until you are satisfied.
Contact over live chat
·       A live chat portal is another option for those who need to communicate with a human at Google's support center for assistance with a problem.
·       You may start typing in the blank space after opening the chat screen from Google's help page.
·       After that, a human will be assigned to you and will provide you with assistance by responding with appropriate answers to the questions you asked in the chat box.
The alternatives listed above are the best for a person who needs human assistance with Google service-related questions and concerns. Another option to communicate a query to the Google support staff is by email, which is quite slow to respond to and is often chosen by people as their last point of contact.