It is not necessarily vital that you go with the original date of booking you have with the airlines. If you have a booking with Air Canada and you get across some unavoidable circumstances in which you can no longer fly on the date of your original booking. You wish to change your flight date, but the only query you are facing is Can you change a flight date with Air Canada? Well, this question can be quickly sorted out by going through the steps mentioned below. To know more about the topic of whether you can make any flight date changes with Air Canada and how you can make those changes, go through the below-listed points.

Change your Flight Date with Air Canada

To get a better understanding of the topic whether you can change your flight dates with Air Canada or not, go through the points listed below;

Yes, you can change the flight date with Air Canada.
According to their policy, the free-of-cost change can only be made within the first 24 hours of making your flight booking or your reservation.
The change can only be processed if your departure date is 168 hours in advance from the time of your original booking on Air Canada.
The changes can only be made if the original booking or reservation was made with the help of the official website of Air Canada or by calling up the official phone number for the reservations department of Air Canada.
If the first 24 hours time span has passed, then you’ll have to pay a service fee if you wish to change the flight date with Air Canada.
Thus, the above-mentioned points will help you figure out under what situations you can change your flight date.

How do I get in touch with Air Canada?

You can change your flight date by going to the official website of Air Canada and going to the ‘My Bookings’ section, and making the required changes from that page. If you face some queries, you can contact the Air Canada customer service team and get the required assistance from their customer support team.